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Clients of Schneider Injury Law receive personal and prompt attention no matter the size of their case. We keep the case count low so we can build a lasting, personal relationship with you. Your case is never a file number to us. Our clients have been pleased with the outcome of their cases, but, more importantly to us, the level of service they received from Schneider Injury Law.

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My life was forever changed 2 years ago, when I was driving down road by my home and a man crossed over the median and hit me and my daughter head on. Our pet died in our accident, but by the grace of God, my daughter and I survived. I have never been in this type of lawsuit before, and I felt lost and terrified. I had a concussion, and although many of my daughter’s and my injuries were not visible, we were never the same. I hired a strong, well vetted personal injury attorney, and he approached me about a year into my case and said that he would like to have Bethany Schneider take over, since she was the as “the best” when dealing with any type of traumatic brain injury.

To be honest, I was concerned about having someone else take over the case, but I trusted my attorney and put my case in the hands of Bethany Schneider. I’m so grateful I did. At first, I wondered would this new attorney understand what my daughter and I had been through? Would she fight for us? I am a doctor myself, I wondered, would she really understand concussions?

As my case moved forward, I could not have been more impressed and pleased with Bethany Schneider and her firm. She listened to all of my concerns and really understood what I wanted to pursue in my case. Not only that, she has more knowledge on different types of head injuries than many of the professionals that I communicate with in the field. When it came down to deposing the defendant, she asked specific questions that I asked her to, even if they weren’t part of her strategy, or in her best interest. She understood that this case was more than about money for me, and that I needed areas of closure to fully heal from this accident. I have never felt so well represented. In the end, she was able to get more than twice the amount of the limits for my case, as well as for my daughter. Money will never resolve the pain and loss that was endured the day of my accident, but the amount she was able get from the defendant’s party finally gave me a sense that someone valued the pain and suffering that my daughter and I had gone through. She wrote a letter summarizing my pain and suffering to the defendant that was one of the most healing pieces of this process. If you have had a head injury, go to Bethany Schneider. If you want to get the most you could possibly get out of a settlement, go to Bethany Schneider. If you want to be heard and represented the way you feel is best, go to Bethany Schneider. But most importantly for me, if you want closure, to be validated for your pain and suffering, and want to heal, go to Bethany Schneider.

Amanda W.
Former Client

When my husband suffered an injury, we were referred to Bethany. She immediately started asking the right questions and sought out the most pertinent information to develop a strong case for him. We were very pleased with her professionalism and knowledge while representing us! We highly recommend Schneider Injury Law.

Sarah C.
Former Client

Attorney Schneider! You’re such a brilliant lawyer. I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. I’ve hired lawyers before, but you are truly the best I’ve ever worked with. Thank you so much! 1. Good communication skills, articulate, good listener. 2. Judgement. 3. Analytical skills. 4. Research skills. 5. People skills. 6. Perseverance. 7. Creativity.

Savvy A.
Former Client

I have been on a roller coaster trying to find the proper representation for my case. I called Schneider’s office because of her success rate and the overall professionalism of her practice. Although we discovered that the firm is not the best fit for my case, I would not hesitate to contact this law firm in the future! Courtney was very sweet over the phone, and I really appreciate how she took the time to hear me out. Bethany provided me with the best referral that I am very appreciative of!

Miya Y.
Potential Client

Bethany helped me with my case and went above and beyond in every step of the process . She always made sure I was satisfied with any decisions that were made and the final outcome of my case. I highly recommend her as a lawyer. Thank you so much Bethany for doing such a great job! Very professional and passionate about what you do!

Maria F.
Former Client

Helpful, Professional, and Effective in Dealing with my Personal Injury Case. After a running accident in May I reached out to Bethany for help in getting payment for my medical expenses as well as removing the hazard that my injury was attributed to. She promptly and knowledgeably drafted up a demand letter and successfully negotiated for a settlement amount far greater than I could’ve wished for. Throughout the process she would send me updates and when it was all over in a few months she had gotten the hazard removed and a large check in hand with no inconvenience on my end. I highly recommend her and would happily contact her again if I’m ever in need of her services down the road.

John B.
Former Client

Bethany was referred to us by another attorney, when he had a conflict and could not represent us. My (now) 85 yr old dad was hit by a negligent employee of a construction company. Bethany picked up our case and plowed in, interviewing and deposing all relevant parties, her expert witnesses were top notch. She hammered the at fault parties insurance company and legal team with facts. She went out of her way to make sure no stone was left unturned or witness deposed. In the end we were able to settle for 15 times the original amount offered by the insurance carrier. She comes with my highest recommendation. I hope we don’t need her services again, but if so, she’ll be the first call.

Chris & Ross
Former Client

Bethany took over my case because my attorney needed a professional, skilled in litigation. That was the best decision made. Bethany contacted me and took charge. After litigation Bethany got me 12.5 times more than what the defendants attorney offered me. Thank you and Betty Davis.

Former Client

I hired Bethany after not being satisfied with other attorneys. I had a difficult case and other attorneys just seemed incompetent. I had a ton of stress when dealing with everyone else and once I had Bethany every thing was a breeze. I would recommend her to anyone.

Former Client

Bethany handled my personal injury case when hit by a car in 2018. She was professional, tenacious and a delight to work with from the get go. Thanks to her I received a fair settlement from a very tight insurance company. Highly recommend.

Former Client

Quality customer service and tenacious legal representation is what you can expect from Schneider Law. Bethany Schneider will fight for your full measures of justice.

Former Client

Bethany has truly been a pleasure to work with. I was referred to her by another attorney after finding no one to touch my sexual assault case. Not only was she very personable, but she was always available for guidance and fought along with me every step of the way. She is very aggressive, knowledgeable, and optimistic. God willing, I’m never in another tough situation, but I know that she is always a call or text away! Thanks a bunch Bethany!

Former Client

After being hit by a car while walking in 2018 I had difficulty in finding an attorney to handle my case. Since it involved a broken foot and not major surgery many felt not worth their time. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Bethany by one of these attorneys. She took me on, was always available to talk, kept me abreast of the status and in the end got me a fair settlement. She is a delight to work with and will fight for you.

Doreen S.
Former Client

Bethany followed up with a minimal settlement offered by the airline. She powerfully showed them the settlement was insufficient for the damages as well as to the cost of my daily well being with the slow to move response!

Lauren S.
Former Client

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